• You are life You are the laughter that came out,
    You showed me the joy you gave me a home,
    When you took my heart and I gave you my soul
    You are the only one for me, therefore I write this letter.

    You light up your life when something is heavy and hard
    You are the best in the world and my dearest treasure.
    One smile from you is NOK and save the day
    When I talk with you, I have never vont in the stomach.

    I will promise you that remember the
    You are the best why I wrote
    That from now and forever, I am your
    Will love you to death
    As long as you are my <3<3<3<3

  • You're the first thing i think of
    each morning when i rise.
    You're the last thing i think of
    each night when i close my eyes.

  • Anonymous

    very nice profile.....

    • mutu060

      thank you :)